Pattern Making

is one of the services we offer. We can work with you on the first patterns, alterations and the grading of the patterns for production. While we require technical packs to make your patterns, we can also work from your previous samples or toiles, to make a pattern block, which can then be amended to your requirements. We charge a one off fee for our pattern making services, clients own the patterns and patterns are given to them at the end of production. Patterns are delivered to the client digitally or manually.


Before your order is mass produced, we will create sample pieces of each design. The sample will show you (the client) exactly what the finished product will look like after production. Samples are made with actual fabric, trims and accessories of the design. After samples have been made the client cross-checks the sample detailing and workmanship and approves or makes corrections to samples. Samples are made to learn about a style, it’s construction, machine requirements and processes to be used to make quality product, sampling also helps us with costing your garment as it tells us how long it takes to put it together.


We can create patterns of different sizes from the approved sample pattern for your design. Our patterns are graded manually or automatically by a computerized system. Patterns are graded according to the client’s size charts which present the sizes and the average measurements of the population group for which the garments are intended.

En masse Production

Much like our sampling process, our production process is carefully monitored by a well trained and skilled team. Our employees are trained to understand the individual needs of our clients. Our production order minimums are reduced, at 5 to 10 designs, 20 pieces of each design, to encourage small businesses.


Speak to Our Team

Our team will examine your design, discuss your requirements with and help you understand the best materials and fabrics needed to meet your demands


Soon after, we will provide a quotation, outlining the best solution to create your design, within 24 hours of speaking to you.


We will mock up a prototype to show you what your finished garment will look like and with you, identify any flaws and have them amended before proceeding with production.


Once we’ve agreed,and the sample is approved or you’ve provided an alternate, our team will set out to transform your design to a reality


Once production is done we proceed to delivery options, which will be discussed with you beforehand

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