Dokadots Clothing is a vertically integrated company, we manufacture, retail and wholesale fashion product. Business clients who are unable to meet the production minimum order quantities (MOQ) can take advantage of our wholesale capabilities and purchase from us in smaller lots

We are an apparel manufacturing outfit with services designed to assist our clients through the complex procedures of apparel production, the amazing people we work with are fashion retailers, brands and designers looking to produce apparel in commercial volumes

We also have online retail and wholesale stores that service our B2B and B2C clients



Being in the industry for a considerable amount of time equips us with the expertise to navigate challenges, identify, employ and train the best hands required for the job, and deliver on promises in a timely manner


You’re certain to get the most competitive price range in the region. Our vertical integration enables us to take advantage of economies of scale and offer you added services that our competitors ordinarily wouldn’t be able to while guaranteeing you competitive rates

Quality of Service

Fashion is serious business, and we love it. This isn’t work for us, it’s zeal. With that comes the need to put the very possible best into what we do.

Customer Service

There isn’t a lot to it, you talk we LISTEN

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